Quidditch is the fastest growing sport in the world, with 911 teams in the US alone!

UCLA quidditch team


People of all ages and athletic abilities are encouraged to participate.
Out first meeting will be on July 12th in the REI community center in Tustin CA.
2962 El Camino Real, Tustin, CA 92782
We will meet at 4:30 PM and the meeting will last until 6:30 pm during which I will explain uniforms, paperwork, the basics of the sport and up and coming events.
Bring yourself, your parent (if under 18) and a few friends.

Email me for paperwork.


CONTACT ME HERE:                    ocquidditch@gmail.com

information on the IQA (International Quidditch Association) including association membership  and insurance information can be found on the IQA website


2 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. I can’t believe there is going to be an actual quidditch team 😀 I have heard about muggle quidditch but i didn’t think we’d have one here. I’m really excited. My parents are always bugging me to get into a sport. Well, this is what they get. (Even though they discourage my nerdy behaviors >_>)

    • Ya! I am really excited as well!
      There are a lot of really good teams in California, and so I hope we can play a couple of the LA teams and SoCal High Schools this year.

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