International Quidditch Association Logo

International Quidditch Association Log0 

In addition all team members must pay a small sum to contribute to the Team IQA regestration.

The International Quidditch Association is the standard among Quidditch teams.

It is the IQA that official games, takes charge over team rankings and presides over player safety, insurance, game standards. etc.
It is important that teams register with the IQA to be listed as a national team and to receive these benefits. Basic registration for a team is $150, but to play in the larger competitions each member must also be an IQA member by themselves in addition to team registration.
Individual regestration for youths in the United States is $25

At the first meeting we will discuss what we would like to do in terms of IQA registration and what sort of competitions we would like to play in.
For more information on IQA registration you can go here 


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