IQA Teams Regestraion

The International Quidditch Association is the standard among Quidditch teams.
It is the IQA that official games, takes charge over team rankings and presides over player safety, insurance, game standards. etc.
It is important that teams register with the IQA to be listed as a national team and to receive these benefits. Basic registration for a team is $150, but to play in the larger competitions each member must also be an IQA member by themselves in addition to team registration.
At the first meeting we will discuss what we would like to do in terms of IQA registration and what sort of competitions we would like to play in. 
For more information on IQA registration you can go here 




Quidditch is the fastest growing sport in the world, with 911 teams in the US alone!

Basically I want to start a Quidditch team.
Orange County’s first public Quidditch team to be exact!
We are geared towards students from the Tustin and Irvine Unified School Districts,
but everyone is a potential member!
No previous athletic experience is required, although it is appreciated.

information on the IQA (International Quidditch Association) can be found here